Saturday, 26 February 2011

Looks like there's problems...

I've been using Vimeo thus far to showcase my work, but the upload limit is 500mbs, and now my video has gone over that (515mb) and it's only going to go beyond.

I tried uploading what I've done thus far to Youtube, but quickly removed once doing so because, for whatever reason, my 3200 x 1600 pixel video is taken down to a mere 640 x 304.

So... yup. Not sure if I'm going to put this thing online when (if) it's finished; when you've spent all your time since june/july working on some project nobody could give a shit about, it doesn't exactly help that the details aren't accentuated on the first impression.

Ohwell, here's a new screencap.


  1. Okay, I saw 2 ticks under 'cool' for this, now it's down to just 1 tick.

    Am I not... cool?

  2. Hummina, hummina. Who is this attractive fellow? He's not going to die in the first few minutes is he?

    Damn fine work Mitachiyo.

  3. Hahaha... oh boy, well I suppose this is the first failure in the animation...

    THAT, is suppose to be a woman.

    Refer to the ending of this;

  4. I guess the last scene in that link isn't going to convince anybody that it's a woman, either. My last bet is to actually see the animated version of that above image... but even then it'd probably still look like a feminine guy...


  5. I hit cool every time I visit the page.