Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Test Footage: UPDATED - February 14, 2011...

What I've done so far for the past 6-7 months, still alot more to go from here, hence why there's no sound or music just yet...

TestFootage from Mitchell Hammond on Vimeo.

EDIT: Now with new footage at the 1:14 mark.


  1. Because I'm not a total minge, I finally sat my lazy butt down to give this a good viewing. And wow. I'm not an animator, but this looks really good. I love the way everything moves old man Bats, to the grid displays in the batmobile, and even the little bits of debris floating in the background. I can really see the time and effort you put into this. In fact, it seems like more than one person would have had to work on this. You're seriously an army, Mitch.