Monday, 28 February 2011

A Little Extra...

... meh.

It's an old drawing and the scan came out looking rather rough, so I'm a tad self conscious putting it up. Because I don't think I'll be uploading any video work (read previous post), I thought maybe I'll put scans up of process work over time.

The idea behind this design is that it's more of a cannibalization of the Batsuit. With Wayne Manor being a front for his true residence, the Bat Cave; Bruce was sheltered by the nuclear strike, but the roof of the cave collapsed and destroyed the majority of his work and equipment. An incomplete vest, which was originally created for bomb blast protection, as well as a refitted Batmobile built to act more as a propulsion device rather than a vehicle, were all that remained.

Tearing scrap iron like skin from the hide of the ashen wasteland, and scavenging dead soldiers for their tools and fatigues, not only does Bruce rebuild his sword and shield, but he rebuilds a dead memory.

A legend is naught without man to tell it. He has no enemies, nor friends. His landscape belongs to the iron demons who roam the earth without a mental state, but an agenda. No criminals to strike fear into, to put in their place. Humanity is a dying specie, it has met it's match. The next evolution of man is machine.

But there is static on a frequency over the radio. Flesh and blood is rising up, to the west; they too have an agenda.

Get the engine ready, it's time to suit up.

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