Monday, 4 October 2010

More shit...



  1. Is this old shit or new shit?

  2. How'd you do the different parts of those screens? A thousand expand paths with opacity changes? I feel as if these are probably insanely large files.

  3. A thousand who-what-what?! Ya confusibng me here! Elaborate!!

    As for the files, I have about 25-27 gigs of frames so far in the animation(the animation thus far though is obviously compressed, being at about 360 mbs at the moment), which right now is about 55 secs done of what I intend to be close to a 3 mins movie.

  4. Lol! Okay, I'll try to explain. I know two different methods to create a glowing effect with vector shapes (and I'm asking you how you got the image of Batman's green, glowy, computer screen to look the way it does.) One way is to use the outer glow effect. The other way is to select the shape you want and use expand path, which creates the same shape but incrementally larger. You achieve the look of a "glow" by changing the opacity so that each layer you add that's slightly larger than the shape previous to it will begin to look brighter and brighter near the center while the outside remains faded out.

    Obviously creating so many additional shapes creates an insanely massive file. I just wanted to know how you go about it. I was also curious about what appears to be a thousand little topographical lines in the image, which appear to be farther apart in the foreground then are much closer together in the background.

    Basically, this picture is blowing my mind... O.O

  5. Ah, okay okay...

    It's all just line art with a glow effect.

    I was actually trying to go for what you see @ 1:03...

    ... infact, the way I intend for this to play out is basically Escape from New York.