Sunday, 13 June 2010

Batman versus The Terminator Teaser Animation

My degree project. My unfinished degree project. I decided never to return to such hair-tearing projects until realising that school wasn't exactly the best place to work on something like this, something which I wish to create on a much larger scale. Hence why I've reconsidered resurrecting the whole idea. The video above is more or less a teaser showcasing the look and atmosphere of what I aspire to achieve, but I still have alot to learn. My next project will not be reusing any of this footage, but instead newly storyboarded, animated in detail, and eventual sound and music.
I've talked the talk, now to walk the mother fuckin' walk...


  1. Your finished project is amazing. What happened to school? I'm thinking about switching careers and trying my hand at animation school. I'd like to pick your brain on the topic, if you'd be so kind.

  2. I graduated in a three year course for Graphic Design (2007-2009), then attempted to carry on the thesis project (this animation) into a post-graduate degree (2010). About 6 months into my post-graduate year I ended up leaving because this animation wasn't getting off the ground as we were spending all this time talking about writing a thesis paper rather than actually making the thesis project. Now, I don't begrudge anyone or anything. It just wasn't the right environment for what I was doing. I wasn't making a web layout, or a business report design... I was trying to make a movie. About a week later after ditching a 2 day job in a factory, that night I started on what is now the final animation.

    Thing is that I never went to animation school. Even in my graphic design school years nobody taught me how to animate; which I think was the perfect thing for them to do. I animated the whole thing in Adobe Indesign with a mouse and keyboard. I haven't seriously drawn on paper since about 2008, and trying to use a wacom tablet is a struggle for me. Basically, I'm the worse person you could ask advice from because my approach to animating is completely unorthodox.