Saturday 30 April 2011

May as well give an update... UPDATED: May 14, 2011

The shot is still incomplete; there's no soldiers, no terminators, no falling debris - just animating walls. Still needs fixing, too. A few of the walls kinda float toward us instead of smoothly coming closer. Everything is animating individually, piece by piece, wall by wall. I could have just had everything on different plains, but I wanted to give a subtle third-dimensionality to the environment. Like I said, still needs fixing.

The idea for the scene is that the camera is actually going to follow the three soldiers as they make their way to where this (currently incomplete, there's more to go) shot finishes; against the walls. One of the soldiers (the one wearing the goggles) will take a peak around the corner and gets his head blown off from a plasma blast. Spot light moves against the building across from us, and then a T-800 Terminator walks into shot, looks around for a second them keeps moving to the left, with an HK-Tank following behind with turrets turning.

I'll leave the description at that for now. Can't ruin the fun.