Friday, 20 December 2013



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    1. When you become Mr. Bigtime-moneybags, you'll never forget your humble beginnings.

    2. I guess I could turn it into a dinner mat and eat children off of it.

    3. I was thinking of writing a script for this, Mitchel Hammond, can I send it to you when I finish it? And perhaps...even do a short film on it?
      I'm a small time writer trying to get my way in the world, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. Please respond
      Thank you

  2. Hey there. I just watched this for the first time. Christ that was something. Normally I refrain from profanity whilst attempting to sound professional but I fucking loved that short. Batman V The HK's, Skynet and the Terminators? It honestly deserves to be a full feature length animated film. I'm a producer and musician. I'm including a link to music video I produced that's currently in post production. I wrote and recorded the song. I play the upright and electric bass and jazz guitar. I have a series of music videos in production. Would love to talk shop with you.

    PASSWORD IS trailer

  3. Watching this makes me want to build the post apocalyptic batsuit