Saturday, 27 July 2013

It still ain't finished yet.

Kill me please. Thank you.


  1. Good God, this is incredible. You really get to see your skill develop and hone throughout these three and some odd minutes. If you hadn't told me you did this by hand, I'd have assumed the T-800's were cg'd in.

    Even more incredible, there so many moments in this where I couldn't help but hear music from both T1 and T2 and it'd just sync so wonderfully.

    Really. This is amazing.

    1. A guy over on the You of Toobz named Noir Deco ( has agreed to compose an original score that'll go right over the video. I just have to animate the final scene so I can hand over the finished animation to him. I never thought animating Batman in all his armor and shit would drive me as insane as it has right now.

    2. Shit, add some sound effects and it sounds like you got it made in the shade with pink lemonade, friend.