Saturday, 12 May 2012

Not Procrastinating: The Third

I'm getting tired of working on this project.

But it's either chain myself to a desk working on a cartoon alone with no social interactions for nearly 2 years, most likely going to 3, and living with my parents at the age of 23 with no income...

... or get a job.

*pours coffee*

I'll continue.


  1. Social interaction is greatly overated... but you might want to keep your hand in, specially for the TV interviews and Premiere... buyins the holiday home in the Caribean etc....

    Parents, gotta love em.. :)

  2. ..and the voice over for the Directors cut!!

  3. Except no unicorn in my version.

  4. We all come to that crossroad, pal. Chain yourself to a desk and do what you like or chain yourself to a desk and do what you hate.

    Damned adult choices.