Saturday, 10 September 2016

Still Sneakin'


  1. One, I'm so glad to hear you will still be animating, two, you're animating stuff for my favorite game series of all time which makes me doubly glad! And three, have you ever thought of making like a patreon or similar? I mean on that you could release a few second or so long clips a month and get paid for it.

    1. I started a Patreon over a year ago out of frequent request ( but was met with scorn and criticism as people didn't think I deserved money for having only made one video.

  2. Please make a fill YouTube video long about your pc and software and raw material also concept designs , draw some on paper , I mean as a yr passer like I get interested in many works but they miss the most important thing and tis(the making of), good work anyway